Through its specially dedicated departments, Info World assures the implementation of applications at the beneficiaries’ locations, offering “turnkey” solutions. Our departments contain specialized personnel for the implementation of any type of applications: medical, economic, document management, imagistic.

Solution Implementation is preplanned, in order to make the transition possible with the minimum interference to the beneficiaries’ work. We work in a close collaboration with our users to determine all the necessary data to configure the application optimally.

Training is ensured for every user, and may take place in stages dependent on the user’s initial technological competence. The training is completed with the technical assistance we offer after implementation, to permit the user to benefit best from the multiple features each application includes.

Due to the performance of applications being dependent on its infrastructure, bringing it to optimal efficiency is a vital part of the implementation process. For this reason, we:

  • Suggest necessary equipment be purchased from approved suppliers;
  • Put the network in place and secure the installation and configuration of said equipment;
  • Ensure incorporation with existent systems, for example medical machinery to our informatics system;
  • Import of data from former application, in the case that the beneficiary chooses to migrate from a previous version of an Info World application.